Murray Fishing - Lip Grip

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If you are heading out fishing this summer, whether it be fresh or saltwater, on the boat or on the shore, you need to be well equipped in order to ensure the best possible catch. 12-inch Lip Grip. This device is simple and highly practical, and allows you to easily grip fish. The Lip Grip is easy to use - simply hook the fish by the lip in order to secure them. The fast action and positive lock jaws ensure successful and quick gripping of the fish. The handle is comfortable and fits perfectly in the palm of a hand, allowing you to use the other clamp-shaped end to grip the fish. This Lip Grip is highly durable, thanks to its aluminium construction, which is also lightweight and makes for ease of use and transport. The Grip also features a clip which makes for easy attachment to your bags or storage spaces. When embarking on a fishing endeavour, give yourself the best possible chance of taking the biggest catch. Order Now


  • Stainless steel
  • Fast action
  • Positive lock jaws